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Filipino filmmaker studies in the US to elevate PH film: "I want our films to have depth"

Meet Tadeo Paras, a Filipino who dreams of making big in fashion photography in the US. 

Tadeo Paras, 25, was born and raised in the Philippines. He shared that it was in his teenage years that he became a cinephile.

Paras is currently in the US since 2019. He finished his baccalaureate degree at De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde. After graduating, he then flew to the US and pursued his master’s in business in San Diego, California. 

"I was taking my master's and was doing part-time at a hotel," Paras shared.

How did his fascination for films started?

"My fascination for Western films began in high school. It was when I continued to watch and got curious about how they were able to create high-quality movies.

"I loved how stories are told [even] in fiction.”

His passion for films even grew intense when he had the opportunity to do acting back in the country. His latest appearance was with ABS-CBN's top-rating revenge drama series--Wildflower (2018) with Maja Salvador in the lead role and the drama series--Nang Ngumiti ang Langit (2019) with Sophia Reola as the lead star."  

He lists Gordon von Steiner as one of his favorite filmmakers. Von Steiner has established himself as the most sought-after talent for top fashion brands. He has collaborated with Steven Meisel on films for Prada, Miu Miu, and Coach.

"I love Gordon von Steiner’s work," Professed Paras. "His (von Steiner) fashion films are amazing, and I think of them as masterpieces."

It’s his dream to be a fashion photographer someday, too.

Currently, he is learning more about filmmaking at Santa Monica College and looking to transfer to a more known film school in the future.

He pursue filmmaking since he wants to elevate Filipino films and the same time build a better foundation for his dream of becoming a photographer, too. "Looking at the Western or other foreign films, they have good storytelling and diverse actors," he said.

He added, "It is what I want for the Philippines. Not just have good-looking people, I want our films to have depth."

Since he dabbled into theater back then, he believed that the discipline he acquired in the industry would be an advantage to his film studies and photography.

"Yes, I think all of my experience [even] in different fields applies to filmmaking. 

"Helping them build the set even if I was an actor, knowing what the actors are feeling, being in the position they were in so I can connect with them more, it helps with my direction and resourcefulness."

"I’m proud of everything I’ve done because all of my projects helped me in my journey to become a great artist. 

"I treat every experience and project as a lesson. I’m proud of each project like that of Garth Garcia’s music video, Do You Miss Me, assisting One Down, Kumu USA, and Add Hiraya Media in their productions here in Los Angeles."

He also photographed the Los Angeles Fashion Week last year, all of those and more. 

"I have a lot of dreams because I don’t want to limit myself, and working someday in Hollywood is one of them. I want to represent my country in a way that would make my country proud."

As a filmmaker, he has this vision and mission to share with his fellow 'kababayans,' "I always want to include my culture in the films that I will be making. 

"I want to create something that will make my country proud. In my classes right now, I always put a hint of culture in the films and stories I create. 

"I know I’m on the right track because my professors love them and have praised me for my plans. Imagine having a Western quality Filipino film, that is my goal."

Monday, April 25, 2022

Miss Universe 2021 Harnaaz Kaur Sandhu arrives in the Philippines

Press Release

Manila, Philippines – Harnaaz Sandhu, winner of Miss Universe 2021, arrived in the Philippines last Sunday, April 24, 2022, where she held court at the Platinum Skies Hangar Domestic Airport Compound. Hosting the welcome were Narvacan City Mayor, Hon. Chavit Singson and Architect Richelle Singson Michael, LCS Group Vice Chairperson, Ako Ilokano Ako Partylist first nominee, and Host Committee Chairperson of the 65th Miss Universe that took place here in the Philippines. Both Mayor Singson and Architect Richelle Singson-Michael have tirelessly continued to represent the country in the organization to make Miss Universe one of the most anticipated and inspired events in the country. 

Architect Richelle Singson-Michael shared the delightful moments she had with the reigning Miss Universe, “We are more than happy to welcome Harnaaz. We had the opportunity to learn from each other as we tackled topics she wishes to address throughout her reign. Like a true beauty queen, she is confident yet humble, with the influence to make a positive change in a global scale.” 

Mayor Singson also expressed his exuberance with Harnaaz’s visit, “Having her (Sandhu) visit our country and share her goals with us Filipinos is an inspiration. It's also an opportunity for us to learn about her plans and advocacies as Miss Universe and extend to her all the help to promote her causes."

“The Philippines has always been one of my dream destinations because of its stunning beauty, but more importantly, I feel that it is a country full of opportunities for me to contribute as Miss Universe.” shares Harnaaz when asked how she felt when she first arrived in the country. “I'm excited to work with people who share my passion for putting advocacy into action.”

Menstrual Equity is one of Harnaaz’s advocacies, where she mentioned, “This is a topic near and dear to my heart because I grew up watching my mother deal with this issue. So now that I'm able to address this problem globally, I'm going to devote my time and energy to help young girls and women overcome this challenge. I firmly believe that when women support other women, incredible things happen,” she continued.

Her arrival ramped up excitement among Filipino pageant fans who are looking forward to see her in the upcoming Miss Universe Philippines 2022 Coronation Night. Her followers are also interested as to which destinations in the country she would visit. The Philippines has hosted two Miss Universe coronation nights and having the reigning title holder sparks joy among Filipinos.

Friday, April 15, 2022

The Francis Libiran Universe Collection Fashion Exhibit Opens At Sofitel Manila

Press Release

Manila, Philippines – The Francis Libiran Universe Collection fashion exhibit formally opened its doors during a press event held in Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila last April 13th, 2022.

Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila’s General Manager, Mr. Olivier Larcher, who opened the night, said that they are thrilled and delighted to work with the best fashion designer in the Philippines and one of the best in the world. He added that It’s an absolute honor to work with such a talent. Now that Sofitel is on a strong rebound, Larcher is expecting more social events to come. He’s looking forward to these, along with more collaborations with Libiran.

Likewise, Libiran is grateful to Sofitel for mounting this exhibit and putting all the stops to have everything in place. The Francis Libiran Universe Collection fashion exhibit is housed in Sofitel Manila’s Events Lounge. It features six gowns, all of which have been strutted by Miss Universe Philippines 2021 Bea Luigi Gomez during the competition.

Libiran, who is no stranger to the world of pageantry, explains that every piece was inspired by Gomez’s personality, her walk, and her physical assets.

“Before I design something for clients, I would really sit down, talk to them, and get to know them. That’s very important for me. I want to know how they are as a person. And I would always ask this question: how do you see yourself on that stage in front of the whole universe?” Libiran said.

Bea Luigi Gomez, the muse for the Universe Collection, came to the event in another Libiran ensemble. She reminisced about truly feeling like gold in her gown during the finals. She expressed how making these gowns was a team effort, but the work was easy because they were helping each other out.

When asked how her journey with the crown has been, Gomez said it was more than the usual beauty queen work. She had to go through with countless realizations, which helped her to become a more empowered woman.

“It became a learning experience for me, and I learned a lot about myself and the people that I’m with. I’m very grateful for the crown and what the crown brought into my life,” she explained.

Shamcey Supsup-Lee, who’s the Miss Universe Philippines National Director for the past three years, also graced everyone with her presence. She says it’s been an honor working alongside Libiran for the past several years, so she had to come to celebrate with him.

“I know the work that entails to produce all the bead gowns, and I think you could really see the dedication,” Supsup-Lee said. “He was also the one who initiated to provide different looks and to ask Bea what she really feels would be the best fit for her during her competition,” she continued.

When asked about what the public can expect from Miss Universe Philippines, she exclaims that this year is really exciting. For the past two years, they’ve been planning a big event where fans could witness and enjoy the biggest national pageant in the Philippines. She also thanked everyone for the support and for sticking by Miss Universe Philippines.

The ribbon cutting was done with Libiran at the center. President and CEO of Francis Libiran – Mr. Arsi Baltazar, Creative Director of Miss Universe Philippine – Mr Jonas Gaffud, and the Director of the Philippine Plaza Holdings – Kazuhito Shibuya, were also in attendance.

The Francis Libiran Universe Collection fashion exhibit is open to the public for the whole month of April until May 2022.

Tuesday, March 29, 2022

WATCH: Motor Ace hilarious ad about incomplete motorcycle payments goes viral



MANILA, Philippines - For those who want to buy a motorcycle – to earn a living or to impress a date – you need to think carefully about the dealership you’re buying your new ride from. 

Paying for a motorcycle in installments is like buying its parts bit by bit every month; fulfilling it is even harder when it’s beyond your financial capacity. 

To avoid repossession of your dream motorcycle, partnering with a dealership that helps you find the best motorcycle that fits your budget and need is a must. 

Motor Ace, one of the Top 10 motorcycle dealerships in the Philippines, aims to do just that! Like what was shown in the viral film, their HuloGaan (easy to fulfill) payment plan will help you get a higher chance to fully own your motorcycle.

The ad went viral because of its unexpected twist. See it for yourself!

The Ad has reached 1.9 Million views, 22K+ engagements, and was heavily shared by 3.5 thousand entertained viewers.

Netizens couldn’t get enough of the commercial. Numbers of viewers are continuously growing!

View their catalog of HuloGAAN motorcycles and financing plans on their website:

The Motor Ace ‘HuloGAAN’ film was made in partnership with Gigil Agency Philippines, an independent ideas agency.

Sunday, March 6, 2022

"Neneng B" singer Nik Makino releases first ever full album - HYPE ONE'S

Rapper singer Nik Makino with his girlfriend Kate Lim during the intimate yacht session last March 4, 2022 in Subic Bay.

Nik Makino, a Filipino rapper and singer treats his fans including haters by releasing his first ever full album, HYPE ONE'S this month.

HYPE ONE'S is a three-part album giving Nik's listeners a closer look into his innermost thoughts. With lyrics inspired from his self-talk and self-reflection, Nik shares his journey from being Mr. "Neneng-B" to now being a family-man and an artist with an influence over his fans.

Nik's album has been formally presented to the media during the intimate Yacht Sunset session last March 4, 2022 at La Banca Yacht Subic.

The rapper rise to fame when he released his back to back digital songs, "Neneng B" and "Lexi". Now that he is a father of a one-year old baby, he want to change his image by writing and releasing songs that would inspire not just young Filipinos but all his fans from all ages.

Nik's previous songs were all sexy, censored and fantasizing women. With his rebranded image, David Laylo, an executive of Believe Music, said that all the songs in the album are different from the previous.

"Right now we are changing Nik's branding. He is now more on a serious type, family man, supporting each other during the pandemic," said David Laylo during the press launch.

With this new album, Nik hopes that his fans will know him better, connect and relate with him on a more personal level through his songs on a positive manner basing on his own realizations.

"HYPE ONE is all about sending positive energy to my fans like motivating them to do something not just sleep, dream, pray. Kapag nakinig sila sa HYPE ONE'S, magiging ano sila, masipag. Ma-inspire sila sa sinabi ko. Lahat ng sinabi ko is from my realizations sa pandemic. Paano ko iibahin 'yun, may anak na ako? Hindi na pwedeng maglabas ng censored," Nik Makino told press about the inspiration of his new album.

"As a rapper meron kang power, yung voice mo may power. May influence ka sa ibang tao. Kung positive ang shini-share mo, positive ang mararamdaman nila. Kung motivational, ma-motivate sila. Kaya HYPE ONE'S, 'pag napakinggan mo, ikaw mismo maha-hype, he added.

The album is composed of 14 tracks with two interludes. It is released under Believe Music. You can now stream the album in different music streaming platforms including Youtube, Spotify and Apple Music.

  • SUMAMA KA (feat. Shao Lin & A. Ross)
  • DAHAN LANG (feat. A. Ross)
  • YAKA
  • IM CALLIN (feat. Shao Lin)
  • MOON (feat. Flow G)
  • FOH

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