Friday, October 15, 2021

70th Miss Universe pageant in Israel to promote "green agenda"

Screen grab: i24NEWS English Youtube

The President of Miss Universe Organization, Paula Shugart, is currently in Israel and appeared for a TV interview with i24NEWS.

For this year's pageant, Shugart revealed that they will be promoting "green agenda".

"For all of the young women that are competing, obviously it's very important to have a cause. And for us this year, the one thing that all of our competitors have said that they all have a green agenda, you know global warming, climate change hits every single one of our contestants that knows no border," she said in the interview.

"So they are all going to be here. We're working with the production team now to really talk about our green agenda and what we're gonna to get the message and could've spotlight and what we need to do. That's we're here planning."

This is the first time that Israel will be hosting the big event. She explained why they chose the country.

"This is really one of the first big events coming out of COVID and there is no country I think in a better place to handle an international group than Israel and a lot being a green city. They certainly have the infrastructure in place and ready to handle it and so for us the decision was very easy."

She is also hoping that Israel's tourism will be promoted by this global event.

"We offer global exposure. The young women that compete and are here, those most of them would be their first time here. We have huge digital footprints. So they become all global ambassador. We're gonna show all of Israel but for their tourism, and say come back in tourism. That's what we do and the people that will be coming, it would be easy for us and I think it would be a beautiful television story,"she said.

The Miss Universe contest is one of the most watched beauty contests in the world with estimated 500 million live viewers in 190 countries and territories.

In the weeks ahead of the competition, contestants will get to explore the rich history and culture of Israel, with visits to notable locations, including the Dead Sea, Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, and those throughout the host city of Eilat. Reigning Miss Universe from Mexico, Andrea Meza is set to visit Israel later this summer to begin to explore the country in which she will give up her title. 

In a press statement released last July, the Miss Universe Organization, the Israeli Ministry of Tourism and the city of Eilat today announced that the 70th MISS UNIVERSE® competition air live from Eilat, Israel in December 2021. The pageant will once again be hosted by legendary entertainer Steve Harvey on FOX.

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