Tuesday, March 29, 2022

WATCH: Motor Ace hilarious ad about incomplete motorcycle payments goes viral



MANILA, Philippines - For those who want to buy a motorcycle – to earn a living or to impress a date – you need to think carefully about the dealership you’re buying your new ride from. 

Paying for a motorcycle in installments is like buying its parts bit by bit every month; fulfilling it is even harder when it’s beyond your financial capacity. 

To avoid repossession of your dream motorcycle, partnering with a dealership that helps you find the best motorcycle that fits your budget and need is a must. 

Motor Ace, one of the Top 10 motorcycle dealerships in the Philippines, aims to do just that! Like what was shown in the viral film, their HuloGaan (easy to fulfill) payment plan will help you get a higher chance to fully own your motorcycle.

The ad went viral because of its unexpected twist. See it for yourself!

The Ad has reached 1.9 Million views, 22K+ engagements, and was heavily shared by 3.5 thousand entertained viewers.

Netizens couldn’t get enough of the commercial. Numbers of viewers are continuously growing!

View their catalog of HuloGAAN motorcycles and financing plans on their website: https://motorace.ph/

The Motor Ace ‘HuloGAAN’ film was made in partnership with Gigil Agency Philippines, an independent ideas agency.

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