Sunday, March 6, 2022

"Neneng B" singer Nik Makino releases first ever full album - HYPE ONE'S

Rapper singer Nik Makino with his girlfriend Kate Lim during the intimate yacht session last March 4, 2022 in Subic Bay.

Nik Makino, a Filipino rapper and singer treats his fans including haters by releasing his first ever full album, HYPE ONE'S this month.

HYPE ONE'S is a three-part album giving Nik's listeners a closer look into his innermost thoughts. With lyrics inspired from his self-talk and self-reflection, Nik shares his journey from being Mr. "Neneng-B" to now being a family-man and an artist with an influence over his fans.

Nik's album has been formally presented to the media during the intimate Yacht Sunset session last March 4, 2022 at La Banca Yacht Subic.

The rapper rise to fame when he released his back to back digital songs, "Neneng B" and "Lexi". Now that he is a father of a one-year old baby, he want to change his image by writing and releasing songs that would inspire not just young Filipinos but all his fans from all ages.

Nik's previous songs were all sexy, censored and fantasizing women. With his rebranded image, David Laylo, an executive of Believe Music, said that all the songs in the album are different from the previous.

"Right now we are changing Nik's branding. He is now more on a serious type, family man, supporting each other during the pandemic," said David Laylo during the press launch.

With this new album, Nik hopes that his fans will know him better, connect and relate with him on a more personal level through his songs on a positive manner basing on his own realizations.

"HYPE ONE is all about sending positive energy to my fans like motivating them to do something not just sleep, dream, pray. Kapag nakinig sila sa HYPE ONE'S, magiging ano sila, masipag. Ma-inspire sila sa sinabi ko. Lahat ng sinabi ko is from my realizations sa pandemic. Paano ko iibahin 'yun, may anak na ako? Hindi na pwedeng maglabas ng censored," Nik Makino told press about the inspiration of his new album.

"As a rapper meron kang power, yung voice mo may power. May influence ka sa ibang tao. Kung positive ang shini-share mo, positive ang mararamdaman nila. Kung motivational, ma-motivate sila. Kaya HYPE ONE'S, 'pag napakinggan mo, ikaw mismo maha-hype, he added.

The album is composed of 14 tracks with two interludes. It is released under Believe Music. You can now stream the album in different music streaming platforms including Youtube, Spotify and Apple Music.

  • SUMAMA KA (feat. Shao Lin & A. Ross)
  • DAHAN LANG (feat. A. Ross)
  • YAKA
  • IM CALLIN (feat. Shao Lin)
  • MOON (feat. Flow G)
  • FOH

Wednesday, March 2, 2022

2021 Bb Pilipinas bags Anvil award for Araneta Group, BPCI

Press Release

The latest Binibining Pilipinas edition gave Araneta Group and Binibining Pilipinas Charities Inc. (BPCI) their first Anvil award for their modern approach and redefined take on the annual beauty pageant.

In the 57th Anvil Awards ceremony held virtually on February 24, the 2021 Binibining Pilipinas beauty pageant was announced as a Silver Anvil awardee under the category "PR Tools - Exhibit and Special Event-Beauty Pageant". It is among the 99 entries shortlisted out of the total 540 public relations (PR) programs submitted.

The award-giving body recognizes the innovations introduced by the Araneta Group and BPCI to the country's most prestigious beauty pageant during the pandemic. Modern technology was utilized for creative executions such as the national costume augmented reality, multimedia advocacy promotions, mobile app voting, virtual pre-pageant presentations, and the grand coronation night which was broadcast live for the first time across multiple platforms.

All these initiatives brought Binibining Pilipinas closer to fans and supporters despite the limitations and restrictions due to the health crisis. "With the shift to digital, Bb. Pilipinas attracted an even larger fanbase, as evidenced by the growth of its social media reach, engagement, and impressions. Views of all Bb. Pilipinas activities reached a cumulative total of 1.03 million. The Grand Coronation Night alone logged 2.3 million views and earned 4.5 million total impressions. It also proved to be one of the biggest events of the year, dominating headlines and earning media values worth more than ₱45.8 Million," said in the official entry submitted by Araneta Group and BPCI.

Presented by the Public Relations Society of the Philippines (PRSP), the Anvil Awards are annually given to outstanding PR programs in the Philippines.

"We are glad that our fresh and modern take on Binibining Pilipinas was adjudged as among the most exemplary initiatives for PR events. This recognition motivates us to make the country's premier and most anticipated beauty event more exciting in the coming years," Irene Jose, BPCI Executive Committee member, said.

BPCI has officially opened its search for the 2022 pageant. Aspiring Binibinis have until April 8 to send their application to or to the BPCI Secretariat at the South Gate entrance of Smart Araneta Coliseum. Forms are available for download at the official Binibining Pilipinas website.

Tuesday, February 22, 2022

The search is on for new Binibini Queens

Press Release

Binibining Pilipinas officially opens its search for beautiful and inspiring Filipinas who will continue the legacy of the country’s premier and most prestigious pageant. 

This year's edition of Binibining Pilipinas is set to crown a new batch of young and empowered queens who will promote beauty and advocacy on the beauty pageant stage. Considered one of the most anticipated beauty events in the world, Binibining Pilipinas aims to produce new titleholders who will replicate the country's success in international pageants.  

Binibini queens currently hold the titles of Miss Intercontinental and The Miss Globe, and have shown stellar performances in pageants such as Miss International and Miss Grand International -- all reinforcing the Philippines' status as an international pageant powerhouse. 

Other than the crowns, exciting activities await the new batch of Binibining Pilipinas ladies. This year’s edition is expected to bring back the pre-pandemic festive and highly-anticipated pageant activities that gather fans and supporters in Araneta City. 

Interested Filipinas who wish to be part of Binibining Pilipinas 2022 have until April 8 to send their application forms to or to the BPCI Secretariat at the South Gate Entrance of Smart Araneta Coliseum. Application forms are available for download on the official Binibining Pilipinas website ( 

Check out the pageant’s official social media pages (@BBPilipinasOfficial on Facebook, and @RealBBPilipinas on Twitter) for more details and updates. 

Hi-Precision 'Blotto' winner brings home 250K pesos

Press Release

Manila, Philippines—Leading diagnostic clinic, Hi-Precision Diagnostics (HPD) hosted the grand raffle draw for its silver anniversary promo, where the winner of the first ever blood-test lotto in the world was picked.

“With Blotto, we wanted to create something different for Hi-Precision and our loyal patrons who have supported us the past 25 years. We envisioned something creative, unexpected, and out-of-the-box, especially coming from a healthcare company. But while the initiative is grounded on ‘fun,’ it’s also meaningful in the sense that it helps our patients know their health status.” says Hi-Precisions vice president of sales and marketing, Melissa Ongsue- Lee. 

The campaign “Blotto” or Blood Lotto started accepting entries last November 8 until the end of January this year. During those three months, Hi-Precision received a total of 175,355 entries. Every Hi-Precision patient who had their blood tested during the period automatically had an entry in the Blotto. Their CBC and platelet count blood test result was their ticket to winning in the grand draw. 

The holder of the numbers 62669 was declared the winner of Php 250,000 in a livestream on Hi-Precision’s Facebook page.

Five other participants whose blood-test results match four out of five winning numbers also won Php 25,000 each as consolation prize. 

Beyond the cash prize, Hi-Precision reminds the public to check their health by getting their blood tested regularly. Early detection can save us in the long run.

“We hope to create more out-of-the-box campaigns that will make healthcare less intimidating and more approachable. Through our projects and other initiatives, we also hope to inspire more people to become more proactive in their health and fitness,” adds Ongsue-Lee.

The Blotto was developed by Hi-Precision Diagnostic Center in partnership with GIGIL, a leading independent ad agency. 

Visit here to learn more about HPD’s services.

Wednesday, February 9, 2022

JOIN NOW: Mr. & Ms. Posture Philippines 2022


The pageant that is basically almost open to all has been formally launch today, February 9, during the press conference held at Antel 2000 Corporate Center in Makati City.

Mr. & Ms. Posture Philippines 2022 pageant is organized by Mabuhay Health, the home of the first ever Chiropractic services in the Philippines. It aims to create awareness about alternative health care and natural lifestyle.

Present at the press conference are some of the key executives of Mabuhay Health namely: Belle Abrasaldo (Chief Operating Officer), Michel Tetrault (CEO and Director of Clinics) and Mary Grace Jedaver Opingo (Public Relations Manager).

Mary Grace Jedaver Opingo (Public Relations Manager)

"This is not just a conventional pageant. What we need is someone who can represent us. One of the winner's responsibilities is to disseminate information about natural health care," said Jeedaver Opingo during the press launch.

Exciting prizes awaits for the winners. Mabuhay Health is giving away scholarship package from the University of Makati, Php100,000 cash, Php100,000 worth of Chiropractic services and more.

"Since this pageant is unconventional, we are going to make it to the point that everyone of different age demographics can participate and can have that opportunity to access to natural health information," said Jeedaver Opingo.

The pageant is open to whatever status you are in, single, married, widow, separated or even single parents, ages 19-35 years old.

Qualifications of Mr. and Miss Posture Philippines 2022.

The winners are also expected to reach out to the community by teaching and engaging people, to think, eat and move right.

"The eyes are the mirror to your soul and posture is a mirror to your health. Posture is a mirror and reflection of your health. Our lives are interconnected, our posture and overall health," revealed by CEO and Director of Clinics Michel Tetrault during the press conference.

Michel Tetrault (CEO and Director of Clinics) and Mary Grace Jedaver Opingo (Public Relations Manager)

"For our candidates to come, come proud. Come with certainty that you are example of health. From there, we're gonna have hard time selecting the top (winner)," he added.

Why are you organizing this kind of pageant?

"The Filipino love for pageant is a natural way to segue as a public relation to bring the awareness of spinal health, spinal hygiene. Our goal is to see that Filipinos can train Chiropractic," answered Michel Tetrault.

"The purpose of the pageant is to create awareness that Chiropractic education is finally here in the Philippines. We're not just looking for beauty, we are also looking for brain. Part of the process is we want the candidate to write an essay on natural health. We want everything, the whole package," he added.

You may register here.

Screenings and auditions is until February 28, 2022 only. It is held at Room 25 2F San Antonio Plaza Mckinley Road Forbes Park, Makati City every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Visit for more details or contact Mabuhay Health at (02) 8812-6903 and 09512050370.

This event is brought to you by Chiropractic Diplomatic Corps. Foundation, Mabuhay Health and Mabuhay Chiropractic Clinics.

Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Sip & Chow Food Express Celebrates their 3rd Branch Opening

Third and latest branch of of Sip & Chow located at 8 National Highway Purok 5 New Cabalan, Olongapo City. Contact them at 09691367006.

Press Release

On January 8, 2022, the 3rd branch of Sip & Chow finally opened in New Cabalan, Olongapo. It is with great pleasure that we announce the opening of our newest branch in Olongapo City. This is another step in our continuous effort to expand our reach and make Sip & Chow's food and beverages accessible to everyone. 

The opening of the 3rd branch, the largest branch of Sip & Chow to date, was a success. Many friends and influencers attended the blessing and opening day. Being the largest branch, the menu was also updated and several new dishes were available on the very first day. Burgers and pasta were added to the menu to the delight of customers. 

Sip & Chow Food Express is owned by Alexandra Faith Garcia, the reigning Ms. Aura International 2021, who established the business in March 2019 in her hometown Olongapo City. The first branch is one of her houses that was renovated and converted into a food and beverage store.  

Sip & Chow Cabalan

Sip & Chow offers a wide variety of food and beverages at affordable prices. For food, we serve rice dishes, snacks, takoyaki, burgers and noodles. For drinks, we offer different types of milk and fruit teas, as well as our all-time favorite Ice Cooler, the Ice Scramble. As for rice dishes, our absolute best seller is the Sisig, but the others are also very popular with our loyal customers. 

The second branch opened in November 2019 in Sampaloc Manila, the same year the first branch opened. Although Sip & Chow was a new business in the area at the time, it quickly established itself as one of the top delivery service businesses in the area. In January of this year, the store reopened to a new location, but still in Sampaloc Manila. 

Despite the pandemic and the fact that the food industry has already been affected by this crisis for 2 years, Sip & Chow has continued to strive to expand its reach and find alternative ways to reach its customers. We remain innovative by targeting different online delivery platforms to sell our menu. "We want to continue to offer our customers the option to order their favorite Sip & Chow dishes through different delivery services such as FoodPanda and Grabfood, even if they stay at home," said owner Alexandra Faith Garcia.

Check out the other branches below with the corresponding address and contact number:
  • Sip & Chow Olongapo (1st branch) located at 64 1st Street New Banicain Olongapo City | 09563949302
  • Sip & Chow Sampaloc (2nd branch) located at Eldorzen Bldg 748 Jaime Dela Rosa street Sampaloc Manila | 09060844791

Monday, December 13, 2021

Sky’s the langit: Orocan’s new campaign for the Orocan Timba is out-of-this-world!


Press Release

Orocan is known for their hilariously ‘real’ ads, like their viral ‘TotoO Shopping’ Koolit Cantina film and billboard in 2019, and their 2021 Icebox Campaign with ‘Ms. Hurt’. It’s no surprise that the plastic manufacturing brand dubs itself as the ‘Plastik na Totoo,’ and why netizens love it for being just that. Now, Orocan is back with yet another campaign with creative agency GIGIL. 

They are taking the brand to bigger heights (literally) with their new film for the iconic timba or Utility Pail! 

Their new ad presents a typical Pinoy scenario. A guy takes a bath with his timba and tabo by the barrio’s water pump. After he completely covers himself in soap, he discovers that his non-Orocan timba actually has a crack in it. 

And how does Orocan come to his rescue? It comes crashing down from the heavens…literally. Watch the ‘Poso’  film on Orocan’s Facebook page: 

This hilarious scene seems to be a witty callback to their first ad with GIGIL, the ‘TotoO Shopping’ film with Victor Anastacio, where they dropped their Koolit Cantina from the 30th floor.

Orocan and GIGIL have really levelled it up this time, because they actually put the Orocan Timba in the sky, as a constellation alongside the Big Dipper and the LIttle Dipper. Just like our humble tabo and timba sa banyo combo. 

And if that wasn’t clear yet: the Orocan Timba Constellation is a real thing! The brand has purchased stars to register the first-ever constellation by a Filipino brand. They even shared with us their official star registry certificate, pictured below:

So when you look up at the sky at night, you can wish upon a star among the Timba Constellation. Now we can say that Orocan truly is the ‘Star ng Kaplastikan.’

Use the Orocan Timba Constellation Filter on Facebook or Instagram to see the stars up close! Those who find the Timba Constellation will see the hidden promo code for a 15% discount (with a minimum purchase of P500) in the Orocan Official Store on Shopee and Lazada.

Visit the Orocan official store on Shopee and Lazada

Friday, December 10, 2021

Win a Silka gift pack when you shop Binibining Pilipinas style


This season, complete your beauty fashion with amazing surprises from Silka (the official skincare partner of Binibining Pilipinas 2021) on your next Binibini merchandise purchase!

Binibining Pilipinas is giving away exclusive Silka gift packs FOR FREE to the first 25 online shoppers of any official BBP apparel or hygiene kit.

Each gift pack consists of special Silka products like soap bars, facial cleansers, and deodorants.

To join:

Promo will run until January 10, 2022, or until supplies last. So make sure to include a Binibining Pilipinas merchandise in your Christmas shopping list now for your own Silka treat!

FULL LIST: Miss Universe 2021 National Directors

Miss Universe 2019 Andrea Meza of Mexico. Screengrab from 70th Anniversary Digital Program Book.

Behind the glamorous pageants and contestants, national director's role is essential to the success of each candidate in an international pageant. They are responsible of sending a candidate and make sure that the needs of their representative is fully taken care of: from dress, evening gowns, makeup and even plane tickets.

Being a national director has corresponding cost as well. In an article by Sashes and Scripts, it is said that the Miss Universe pageant franchise varies from country to country. Smaller countries who have little competition in their hometown for a rival pageant could pay around US$ 10,000 for the annual fee. And if a country wins the MU title, they are exempt from paying the franchise fee the subsequent year.

Here is the complete list of the Miss Universe national directors* for the 70th edition of Miss Universe pageant in Israel.

  1. Albania: Eduart Dedaj
  2. Argentina: Producciones Venzar MU C.A.
  3. Armenia: Gohar Harutyunyan
  4. Aruba: Star Promotion
  5. Australia: Pink Tank Events Pty. Ltd.
  6. Bahamas: Anthony Smith
  7. Belgium: Darline Devos-Comite MB
  8. Bolivia: Promociones Gloria
  9. Brazil: Wintech Ventures Limited
  10. British Virgin Islands: Alesia Hamm
  11. Bulgaria: Bok Star Models
  12. Cambodia: C.I.M.R Cambodia International Models
  13. Cameroon: Comite D'Organisation Miss Cameroun
  14. Canada: Denis M. Davila
  15. Cayman Islands: Ministry of Tourism & Transport
  16. Chile: Eugenio Manzur Galeb
  17. China: Shenzen Pudun Media
  18. Colombia: Miss Universe Colombia SAS
  19. Costa Rica: Televisora De Costa Rica S.A.
  20. Croatia: Vladimir Kraljevic
  21. Curacao: Curacao Tourist Board
  22. Czech Republic: Miss Management A.S.
  23. Denmark: Lisa Lents
  24. Dominican Republic: Magali Febles
  25. Ecuador: Maria Del Carmen Sanchez De Aguayo
  26. El Salvador: Reinado De El Salvador, Inc.
  27. Equatorial Guinea: Agencia Mogue
  28. Finland: Finnartist Oy
  29. France: Miss France Organisation
  30. Germany:  Natalie Ackermann
  31. Ghana: Malz Promotions
  32. Great Britain: Paula Abbandonato/Vibe
  33. Greece: GS Media Model Management DBA Organization GS Hellas
  34. Guatemala: Oscar H. Flores Ruano-Presencia
  35. Haiti: Sabine Desir
  36. Honduras: Producciones Carimaxx
  37. Hungary: Plaza Handling
  38. Iceland: Pageant Smart, LLC
  39. India: Bennett, Coleman & Co, Ltd.
  40. Ireland: Moxie Media Productions Limited
  41. Israel: Laisha Women's Magazine
  42. Italy: A.S.C. Mediaseven
  43. Jamaica: Uzuri International, Ltd.
  44. Japan: MY Group CO., Ltd.
  45. Kazakhstan: PF National Beauty Contest "Miss Kazakhstan"
  46. Kenya: Mwanzo Media Limited
  47. Korea: PJP Co., Ltd.
  48. Kosovo: Eduart Dedaj
  49. Laos: Dr. Hongkham Souvannavong
  50. Malta: Glow Promotions
  51. Mauritius: Nevin Rupear
  52. Mexico: Instituto Casa Lamat, S.A. DE C.V.
  53. Morocco: SB Global Sourcing
  54. Namibia: Miss Namibia Pageant C.C
  55. Nepal: Umanga Creations PVT. LTD
  56. Netherlands: Hannah Sirc 
  57. New Zealand: Filipianz Limited
  58. Nicaragua: Silhuetas, S.A.
  59. Nigeria: Silverbird Productions Ltd.
  60. Norway: Motivaction A/S
  61. Panama: Organizacion Senorita Panama S.A.
  62. Paraguay: Promociones Gloria
  63. Peru: Grupo D'Elite
  64. Philippines: EmpirePH Holding, Inc.
  65. Poland: Nowa Scena SP. Z O.O.
  66. Portugal: MMRP Beleza Por Uma Causa
  67. Puerto Rico: Televicentro of Puerto Rico, LLC.
  68. Romania: Daniel Popa
  69. Russia: Miss Russia National Beauty Contest
  70. Singapore: The EmpirePH Artist Management, Inc.
  71. Slovak Republic: Silvia Lakatosova
  72. South Africa: Weil Entertainment (PTY) Ltd.
  73. Spain: Crescencio Gomez Olmo
  74. Sweden: Joakim Granberg
  75. Thailand: TPN Global Co., Ltd.
  76. Turkey: CIK Productions LTD.
  77. Ukraine: Anna Filimonova
  78. USA: Crystle Stewart
  79. Venezuela: Coneventos Publishing C.A.
  80. Vietnam: SG Unicorp - Sai Gon Universe Corporation

READ: 69th Miss Universe National Directors

*Source: 70th Anniversary Digital Program Book

Where to watch Miss Universe 2021 preliminaries from home

Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray during the national costume show and preliminary competition in Bangkok, Thailand.

After the personality interview few days ago, the 80 official candidates of Miss Universe 2021 pageant will be competing in swimsuit and evening gown this weekend.

Scores from the interview and the the preliminary will determine the Top 15 and one from the fan vote, making it to Top 16 semifinalists.

The candidates will also showcase colorful outfits and costumes during the national costume show.

As a Miss Universe fan, don't forget to cheer on your favorite by watching the preliminaries and the spectacular national costume show. 

Viewers from the Philippines can watch the live national costume show and preliminary competition on December 11, Saturday at 1AM PH time. You can watch live through Lazada (app, Facebook and Twitter). If you are living outside the Philippines, Miss Universe will live stream the event through their official Facebook and Youtube accounts.

Finals show will be on December 13, 7am live at A2Z Channel.

Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Meet the members of Miss Universe 2021 Selection Committee


Preview of Miss Universe 2021 stage in Eilat, Israel

We are just five days away from the most awaited Miss Universe 2021 pageant which is currently held in Eilat, Israel. The fate of the 79 official candidates depends on these esteemed judges aka members of selection committee. By the way, they are all women.

1. Iris Mittenaere, Miss Universe 2016 from France

Iris Mittenaere

2. Lori Harvey, model, entrepreneur and stepdaughter of Steve Harvey

Lori Harvey

3. Adamari Lopez, Puerto Rican actress and Telemundo morning show host

Adamari Lopez

4. Rina Mor-Goder, Israel's first and only Miss Universe (1976), writer and lawyer

Rina Mor-Goder

5. Marian Rivera, Philippine actress and entertainer

Marian Rivera

6. Urvashi Rautela, Miss Universe India 2015 and Bollywood actress

Urvashi Rautela

7. Adriana Lima, Brazilian model, actress, Victoria's Secret Angel

Adriana Lima

8. Rena Sofer, Emmy-award winning actress

Rena Sofer

8. Cheslie Kryst, Miss USA 2019 and entertainment reporter

Cheslie Kryst

Catch the coronation night on Monday, December 13 at 8AM Manila time. For the other schedule of the pageant, you may refer here:

Monday, November 29, 2021

LIST: Miss Universe 2021 Roommates

Miss Universe Philippines Beatrice Luigi Gomez and Miss Universe Thailand Anchilee Scott-Kemmis

Miss Universe fever is on. The pageant will push through in Israel amid new COVID-19 variant called "Omicron". This was confirmed through the email sent by Miss Universe Organization to the delegates. 

Here is the partial list of Miss Universe 2021 roomies:

  • Brazil and Portugal
  • Paraguay and Peru
  • Bulgaria and Germany
  • Belgium and Netherlands
  • France and South Africa
  • Dominican Republic and Honduras
  • Argentina and Mexico
  • Ecuador and El Salvador
  • Colombia and Costa Rica
  • Panama and Venezuela
  • Bolivia and Chile
  • Spain and Morocco
  • Guatemala and Nicaragua
  • Albania and Kosovo
  • Italy and Malta
  • India and Nepal
  • Philippines and Singapore
  • Ghana and Namibia
  • Croatia and Greece
  • Australia and Vietnam
  • Laos and Thailand
  • China and Japan
  • Cambodia and Korea
  • Puerto Rico and Cayman Islands

The Miss Universe Organization, the Israeli Ministry of Tourism and the city of Eilat today announced that the 70th MISS UNIVERSE® competition will air live from Eilat, Israel on December 12, 2021 at 7 p.m. EST. Israeli singer and international star, Noa Kirel, will perform at the competition.

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